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Recipes for Tofu Steak?

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I was just wondering if anyone has recipes or tips for grilling tofu steak?
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If I want something steak-like I mostly eat beefy seitan or marinated portobello mushrooms.

If you want to try grilling tofu, though, I'd suggest marinating it in oil, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, black pepper and maybe some steak sauce (HP sauce is vegan), then grilling it until it's nicely browned on both sides.
I like to do a simple tofu "steak" in a cast iron skillet. Get the skillet wicked hot, slice your tofu in 3/8" thick slabs, add some oil, saute onions and/or mushrooms for a couple minutes, push them to the side, add the tofu and fry till nice and brown on both sides, maybe add a little soy or sweet soy (kecap manis), sea salt and black pepper. Plate the tofu, top with the veggies, then deglaze the pan with red or white wine or vermouth, scrape in all the good crispy bits into the sauce, maybe add a little butter if you aren't vegan, and pour that over the tofu. Yum, and you can be eating in less than 10 minutes.

Michael Natkin
Though I rarely bother to press tofu to get the moisture out, I would probably do so for a grilled tofu 'steak'...

Press out moisture by wrapping in a wasteful amount of paper towels, weighting it down with something rather heavy and refridgerating over night. Then marinate a few hours, and grill.

If I wanted it to be "meaty" and steak-like though, I'd probably do something similar to michaelnatkin above and brown it in a hot pan with some mushrooms to add to the meaty-ness and then deglaze with wine... :swoon:
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