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sorry for repeat-posting, I put this on the vegan and UK boards too, but.....

hi all,
I have to be really really quick at the moment so sorry for brief post but can anyone recommend some good vegan recipe/lifestyle books by UK authors - I really need something to help me get started which has advice for being vegan when you have no money (so, budget recipes!) and no time!! - but the good ones I've seen tend to be american and sometimes uses ingredients which are hard to find in the UK, or are stupidly expensive here.

I'm a very bad cook and I hate cooking too, so books which have lots of snack style recipes would be ideal. And healthy eating advice! At the moment I seem to exist on huge quantities of nuts, houmous and bread.... (as well as fruit and veg of course) - I'm worried about nutrient balance.

Thank you !!
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