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Hi there,

my Name is Sari, I'm a 26 years old student from Berlin, Germany. I'm an "almost" vegetarian for 11 years. (Almost means that I don't eat meat, but fish and seafood).

Since the beginning of this year I started a new workout and dieting plan and somehow stopped eating any meat (including my formally loved fish/seafood). It wasn't my conscious decision it was more the fact, that I ate all those delicious soy dishes, that I didn't felt any urge to include fish into my nutrition plan. At the moment I'm working on my blog where I post my daily results of my training plan. I would like to introduce you to come to The site is still in progress, but I would love to have your suggestions and thoughts about it. Maybe I can encourage the one or the other of you to start a similar kind of workout.

Just because we are vegetarians doesn't mean we cannot have proper muscular bodies.
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Welcome to VB!
In case you were wondering, someone who is almost vegetarian but eats fish/seafood is called a 'pescatarian' - if you want to be specific about what kind of 'almost vegetarian' you were

Glad you went veggie
and glad you decided to come to VB!
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Willkommen & Congratulations on going veggie! VeggieBoards really is a good place to hangout "between workouts".
'pescatarian' - Never heard this one, but will keep it in mind although I'm fulltime Veggie now.
Awesome...I'll soooo check it out! Welcome!

There's many people on VB that love to talk about working out/exercise. You'll fit right in.
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Welcome to VB!

I was meant to be going to Berlin tomorrow, but I didn't get my passport in time
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Thanks for all the nice greetings.

I wasn't expecting this. Getting into this community seems much much easier than I thought.


If you should make it to Berlin in the future you can send me a message.
Hi folk

liked the comment i. e.

Why can't we look muscular even with vegs.
Welcome, Sari!
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Thanks to you all for the warm welcome!
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