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Reality Shows

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Which ones do you watch?

I like:


Amazing Race

and I will admit that I do watch Big Brother in the summers

Trading Spaces
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I love Big Brother (but only our BB, no offense, but I think the US version is crud)

Backyard Blitz

And I admit to a morbid fascination of Bachelor-type shows... a scab-pick type thing...
My favourite out of them all was The Eco-Challenge. I think that made Survivor look like a picnic.
i watch:

Aussie Big brother


American idol

I think they are the only ones.. and im not addicted to them... i dont care if i miss an ep!

my favourite reality show of all time would definaelty be

UNDER ONE ROOF!! That daniel hatmaker guy was so hot!!

and eco challange was good!

It didnt drag on for too long like most of them seem too!

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Originally posted by CaptainSwab

Which ones do you watch?


My tv time is about 15-30 minutes a month...I prefer a book above that kind of shows.
I am a people watcher, that's why I love BB (and I am an amateur pshrink, go figure...)
A friend of ours got a camera job working on this years aussie Big Brother.

I like the DIY reality shows like Backyard Blitz, although that is the only one I ever did see, I always missed the room decorating ones..

I watched the first Big Brother and parts or the Africa Survivor. I watched this show that used to be on late night tv, The Great Race or something, that was weird.
Okay. I have to add eco-challege too. You are right, it does make survivor look like a picnic. Its amazing the kind of endurace those people have!
Ok, I admit that I am a reality show freak. I watch American Idol, Survivor, Fear Factor (although I am sure that a lot of people here are really opposed to that show because of the things that they eat), trading spaces (although I never really thought of that as a reality show before the first post), I will admit that I watched Joe Millionaire, but mostly because I thought it was funny how dumb that guy was..hehehe, while you were out, every once in a while I would watch the mole or amazing race, and I watch the bachelor am
I got sucked into "Survivor" this season (my best friend watches so I tune in so that I can contribute when she wants to discuss it) and I watched "Joe Millionaire" and the "bachelor/bachelorette" because these were popular around the office. My favorite reality show ever was "the Mole" - I just love Anderson.
I don't watch any of them. Not after I heard that the producers really do script that stuff and they put people together that they know will cause conflicts (read: nice people don't make ratings and agreements don't bring viewers).

I heard about a new one last night. 2 people in a bar, add 8-10 drinks (8-10? Who has that kind of liver?) and watch the standards dive like a stone. GAWWW! I'm just waiting for the show that has 100 STD'd people in a room, 1 clean person and a contestant that has to pick out the clean one and sleep with him/her before that night is over. "Ohhhh, sorry. You picked the guy that has a disease that makes your stuff fall off in 3.....2....*plop* Woops! Well....that's the way this game goes. Please see the nurse for your antibiotic shot and estate planning/will making kit."

I would almost rather watch paint dry (or better yet, come on VB where the REAL reality show happens).
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I like Survivor and the Amazing race

and for those who cant get enough of reality TV, you can read about all your favourite shows online:
Well....I take that back about my never watching them. I do have one show that I love to watch (GAWLEE! I can't believe I'm about to admit this): I love the Anna Nichole show.

Anna, Anna, fabulous Anna, Anna Nichole

You're so outrageous!

(but Kimee is my true fav - shhhhh, don't tell Anna)
I just started watching Family Business. I haven't watched reality TV in a couple years, but this was pretty interesting -- A look at the adult entertainment business. Late night Showtime.
I've just recently started watching "The Resturant" Its made by the guy that made survivor (It probably screened MONTHS ago in America...) But yeah last week Rocco was like "Everythings about to change" And it cracked me up! Because it's just like survivor, how they say that! And then change everything... And yeah when I found out it was made by the survivor guy! Haha!

Now other than that, and docummentrys I don't watch any reality shows! There's a LOT less now too! Which is good!

Big Brother

Real World

Road Rules

Real World / Road Rules Challenge

The Apprentice (It just started but it seems fairly entertaining)

Joe Shmoe Show

The Simple Life

Other than Seinfeld these are really the only shows I watch.
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I watch far too much reality tv!

-Idol(US & Aus)

-Amazing Race

-Big Brother(Aus)

-Survivor - sometimes, it kinda ruins it when they play it way behind the US so you already know the winner!

-Eco Challenge

I'm sure there's more but I can't think of any right now! I wish they played Road Rules and Real World here, I use to watch them all the time but they stopped playing them here
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American Idol is the only one I'm addicted to. Season 3 starts next week! XD
They are running out of good ideas for reality tv. Not like any of the ideas before were good. Reality TV: SO hot right now. I want to throw my tv out the window, but, uh, its not really my TV, its my moms, she'd get mad.
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