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Most people think vegans look like this....

Glasses Joint Head Smile Chin

But, in actuality, they can look like this....Avi Lehyani. Ask him where he gets his protein. Get the word out...vegans are regular people too!!! :)

Face Head Chin Bodybuilder Hand
Engineering Gas Automotive tire Machine T-shirt
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I don't look like either. :)
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Where does he get his protein from?
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I wouldn't say body builders are on the normative.
I'd say they are outliers.

And those shoulders have to hurt.
The skinny guy has proper shoulder positioning.

But yep, vegans can be very successful athletes.
I kind of agree. Very few people have the genetics to get so large. What I don't understand is the confusion of protien and amino acids. Protien must be broken into its constituent amino acids before use. Those amino acids are also produced by plants. Now if you really want to see vegan muscles look at a silverback lowland gorilla.

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Protien must be broken into its constituent amino acids before use.

There's one thing that leaves me uncertain about this: prion diseases. If ingested proteins had to be broken down before use, then CJD wouldn't be caught by eating "infected" tissue. However, feeding cows to cows to cows to cows, and the consumption of brains (cerebrophagy?) are serious risk factors for ingested misfolded proteins setting off a chain reaction causing other proteins to misfold. How does this happen if proteins must be broken down into their constituent amino acids in order that they be used by the body?
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I reported on prion diseases for a long time.
I'm well versed in transmission, because of that.

When we say broken down, we are referring to a metabolic action, digestion.
Prions are able to bypass this somewhat because of the mutation.

There's also examples of transmission via field dressing elk (TSE).
In fact the elk version of transmissible spongiform encephalopathy most likely resulted from mule deer being kept in pens where sheep with their TSE, scrapie, were penned.
Since Colorado State did not destroy animals after the experiments, the deer were released, and elk picked it up.

That was a tough one for me. Once we make a population ill, I think the humane thing is to kill them, so that they cannot spread disease to wild populations.
And that saddens me, angers me and makes me want to kick researchers, sometimes.
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I am currently reading RAW CURE, where it asserts that vegan athletes can perform just as well as other athletes.

Kinda what Gita said.
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