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Trying too hard to join man's world


Two recent events have brought the new role of women into sharp focus. The first is the story of Jessica Lynch, the 19-year-old Army private held during the Iraq war. The second is the hazing incident involving 17- and 18-year-olds from a northern Illinois high school. Both stories would have been unfathomable 40 years ago.

Women first found their place in the military as nurses, caring for the sick and keeping morale up. With the advancement of equal rights, women are now on the front lines, toting rifles and sleeping in dirt like everyone else. A victory for civil rights - or is it?

With this advancement and similar others, society has come to treat women more and more like men. Whichever side of the debate one is on, though, it's hard to say that women and men are the same. Beyond the obvious physical differences, women have long been the keepers of moral standards, decency and good taste. It's no coincidence that women are the child bearers, the caregivers.

Do not mistake my message. Many women have been both nurturing and strong. A woman need not be meek and quiet to be a mother.

However, as women have advanced into the world of The Man, they have taken on the undesirable characteristics of men that have spawned countless jokes and bestselling books.

People across the country were horrified to see the well-bred girls from a wealthy Illinois high school acting like animals, smearing younger girls' faces with feces, kicking them, punching them - acting like little boys instead of young women.

How did this happen? My liberal friends will not like this, but it happened when girls started acting like boys to prove that they could play, too. The women's lib movement was a good thing, no doubt, but there has to be a line. There has to be a moment when women stop and say, "No, I will not participate in that."

Ironically, it's a lack of confidence on the part of women. It is women not being secure enough in their role as nurturer and holder of good taste that they feel they have to join in every aspect of the man's world just to prove their worth.

I am not calling for a return to Miss Manners. I am asking for a little dignity and a little pride.

Sarah Brzezinski



When are these people gonna become extinct???

And when did it become an acceptable to rub feces on someone and kick them if your are boy???

When the hell will people stop breeding???

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OK I'll try again....

Anyway - what is she doing writing letters or thinking on her own? Her place is in the kitchen. Go back and be quiet woman.
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