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The lives of 100'000s of more animals will be put in danger if this gets the go ahead as REACH want to INCREASE the number of animals put to death in a new test to test chemicals .

Please vote and say NO to this :

more details :

Under the proposals, which are currently being considered by the European Parliament, animals such as fish, rats hamsters, guinea pigs and dogs will be forced to inhale toxic substances, have chemicals injected into their bloodstream, pumped into their stomach, spread across their shaved and abraded skin or squirted into their eyes. Fish will have pollutants poured into their water and pregnant animals will be poisoned to see what mutations develop in their unborn offspring. The chemical poisoning will result in horrific and distressing symptoms such as painful sores, burns, internal bleeding, organ damage, cancerous tumors, muscle spasms, nausea, collapse andcoma. All animals will be killed, some of them literally poisoned to death.
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