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I need help convincing my omni hubby off milk, he is great with eating veg at home, he eats as he wants when we go out to eat, but i do still buy him milk, he WILL actually go get it himself when i tried just refusing, he will drink soy and almond milk, but he is a big cereal eater hence the milk.

sooooo i have told him all the disgusting dairy stories, etc...........he has made big changes where eating meat goes, he has decreased SIGNIFICANTLY, but i cant get him off milk.

should i just let it be and should i keep trying, i dont want to pester him, because at some point he shuts down to my rantings.

i myself am not totally vegan......yet, still working on it, its mostly in packaged foods where i get dairy.......but im working on that.

but i dont do milk on my cereal anymore or in cooking.......and the kids dont drink milk or use it either. he is the only one.
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