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Generally, anyone near 75% raw is considered a raw foodist and aside from that I would appreciate any intelligent info even if the person was only 25% raw for a number of years as opposed to someone 100% raw for half a year.
I probably have been 75% raw for a few years but I don't keep track. I certainly wouldn't fit in at the vegan section, because even though I'm vegan (dietwise) I am much too athletic and in my 60's to take my nutrition as lightly as a vegan. The idea of eating soy-based butterscotch pudding and soda pop just wouldn't cut it for me.
Penny and Docomartini seem to post most often so I would tend to honor their desires or any moderator. I'm not here enough to care so I could easily leave if they prefer posters that are more raw than myself, since I am occasionally 30 or 40% raw for days. No hard feelings would be felt.
Again, in regards to percentage of raw, I think it would be misleading to not call someone a raw foodist if he or she was even 50% for years. My guess is that most people eat 5% raw so if someone ate even 30% raw continually, that would be quite a deliberate effort and difference in my opinion. Most newbies at 100% (no one is 100%, maybe high 90's) may not even understand soaking seeds, grains, nuts, enzymes, probiotics, or sprouting or anything besides sweet fruit dessert recipes and smoothies. Many will be excessively high on something, either fruits or nuts, etc, and low on variety. Although, if they're young enough, they can get away with poor diets that aren't well thought out.
Happy eating, Gil.
P.S. The raw corn on the cob is really good this year.
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