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Raw food newbie

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Hi all! My name is Amanda, I've been vegetarian for 19 years, vegan on and off during that time. It's been a goal of mine for a long time to be vegan and eventually raw living but I very recently decided to bypass the vegan part and go straight on to a raw food lifestyle. I'm currently doing 60-70% raw and hoping to bring that up to 90+% over time.

I found this community when I was looking for something unrelated but it was great timing and it looks like there are lots of topics that I'm interested in. I'm looking forward to picking up tips from like-minded people and maybe share a few tips of my own! :D
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Nice to see another person working on going raw:) I've been at about 85-90% for about a year and a half. In my personal experience with raw, keep trying until you find what works for YOU instead of trying too hard to make a diet work that isn't. I tried for the first 6 or so months to do the low fat thing, and while I did feel great for a while, my body started telling me I needed more fats as I was craving fatty junk food and feeling a bit 'off'. I eat a more balanced raw diet in terms of fat now and feel balanced. Another tip I got when I started the raw I think is a great guideline is to "eat the rainbow everyday". Eating different color foods and not too much of one color ensures you're getting all the nutrients you need. I also personally feel allowing myself a little leeway with eating small amounts of (healthy) cooked foods like grains or beans or tea helps me stick to the high-raw for the long term. Best of luck with your raw journey!
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Welcome to Veggieboards.
Hi welcome 😁 I'm only vegetarian but I also eat raw sometimes. I found a great website called RAWtarian . there is also a forum for support plus so many recepies plus n eBook plus her APP which also has a meal plan definitely worth checking her out .

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Thanks everyone! :)

Kiwibird, thank you for the advice! I feel the same way, like if I was to try 100% raw, I'd start to feel like I was missing out and end up giving up and I really don't want that to happen. At the moment, I'm mostly vegan (using up the last of the cheese in some meals and buying local eggs until I have more raw recipes under my belt) and usually having 2 raw and one cooked meal per day. I'm just starting week 2 and I feel great!
Thanks very much, justletmelogin12! I'm looking forward to finding recipes
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