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Ok you squares, 20th March is the day


Are you sick of letting yourself down and falling back on your promises of getting fit and active?

Are you sick of paying big money to join gyms only to quit going after a week?

Are you sick of being the one that has all the best intentions of getting back in shape but never follows through.

Are you the one that already has a plan of their dream lifestyle but constantly holds themselves back from living it by not taking action?

Well if your that person, this challenge is for you!!!

Stop messing around and start getting the results you want because talk is cheap and doing nothing is even cheaper, at Raw Fitness Bootcamp getting active is is not cheap and our method of payment is dedication and hard work, anyone can talk about getting active but not everyone can overcome their personal demons to actually get out and do it.

So when you come to Raw Fitness Bootcamp, save all the fancy intro's, big talk and empty promises, we are here for the people that are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are determined to actually do something about it by lasting the full 90 days and not dropping out after two weeks.

90 Day Spring Shape Up Challenge Guidelines:

1) Getting started is simple, just set up your Raw Fitness Shape up Blog in the shape up challenge section and get on with it.

2) No goal is too small or too big, your fitness related goals are personal to you.

3) No matter what your fitness/experience levels are, if you put the work in we'll support you 100%.

4) Post before photo's and current stats when you set up your Raw Fitness blog.

5) If your not prepared to be positive and support others on the challenge, stay on the couch and don't join up.

6) Have a fun.

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