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This article appears in today's West magazine, which comes with the Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times.

Raw Emotions

'Living foods' guru Roxanne Klein saw her marriage and restaurant crumble. Now she's dishing up a comeback.

By Shawn Hubler, Shawn Hubler is a senior writer for West.

October 8, 2006

It isn't easy to get philosophical while ramming raw beets into a juicer, but the lunch hour is waning and Roxanne Klein has a lot to say.

"It's about evolution, I think," the onetime queen of the raw food movement is musing, knife in one hand, vegetable in the other. RRRrrrrrRRRRR!! She plants her bare feet on the checkerboard floor of her Mill Valley kitchen and shoves another chunk into the machine. "The food, the business," she says, smiling. "My own life."

Perhaps you remember Klein. Two years ago, she was the hottest thing on the American food scene. People called her a revolutionary. Comparisons to Alice Waters were made.
Rest of the story here.
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