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Raw Brazil Nut "Cheez" Spread

Category: Raw Foods

Suitable for a: raw/vegan/vegetarian diet



This is something that takes some time and practice to make but it turns out quite yummy and tangy, IMHO, once you get it done right.

As not to waste nuts I suggest you start with a 1 cup batch when first making this - (in case, you don't like it):

1 Cup Raw Brazil Nuts

I Probiotic Capule Power Dophillus (I use Country Life) OR a few tablespoons of Rejuvalac.



Soak Brazil Nuts and contents of capsule with just enough water to cover nuts. Soak for a few hours (over night would be good).

Blend nuts and water in blender.

Put in container w/o the top and put in dehydrator (or any warm place -sunny place on top of an applicance that gets warm but not too warm like your frig- or if you have an oven that goes to a very low temp) not over 105 degrees (to keep it technically still 'raw'). Also, if you are going to leave it in a place that is "out" - like not in a dehydrator or oven - I recommend putting a top or cloth on top of the of container to keep it clean (in case, a teeny bugs or whatever might be around) but don't seal the lid just put in on loosely

After a day, put in about two tablespoons of unpasterized Mugi Miso ( I bought Edens brand) and mix it.

Mix your "cheez" everyday while keeping it a low temp. The mixture will start to get drier and tangier (fermenting) -you can taste test of course. Add water as needed if it gets too dry.

Once you are satisfied with the taste and texture, you can put it in the frig. It will probably take 3 or 4 days to get a nice taste (this is individual preference though).

Use it for a dip or to spread on crackers, breads, mix in with other ingredients.

Additional comments:


Tips: You can do this with other kind of nuts too. You do not have to use Brazil nuts. The Brazil Nut "cheez" will have a more buttery type of taste. Other nuts will yield other types of tastes. Pine nuts, macadamia, almonds, cashews(I prefer cashews to make sour cream - I feel it is the best nut for this), walnuts, etc. Some seeds will work too.

I will add one more point about my recipe: Using the dehydrator or oven will go faster. Leaving it 'out' will take a little longer depending on the room temp. Both methods are fine to use.
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