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randomness: vegan pain reliever

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So, I've been having some back troubles that have been bothering me greatly over the past couple of days. I went to the store (aka "shop") yesterday and was checking to see what was available. I was pleasantly surprised to find an accidentally vegan pain reliever, Anadin Extra. It's an aspirin/paracetamol/caffeine blend. The inert ingredients are:

maize starch, microcrystalline cellulose, hydrogenated vegetable oil, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, polyethylene glycol, pregelatinised starch, and povidone. It's still pretty "chemical", for lack of a better word, but I thought I'd pass along the info nonetheless.
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A lot of medicines have solely vegan ingredients, though, don't they?

My paracetamol does!

It's the testing that's the problem. :[

Is Anadin effective?
i like Anadin.

Disprin direct is decent too- its lime flavoured and you don't need water.

i'm relatively sure that Nurofen lemon meltlets (also no water ones) are ok too- they're listed as sutable for vegetarians and lactose free.
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Is Anadin effective?
Much more than just paracetamol, it's right up there in pain relief brands.

I'm sure Isowish will be along in a bit to sing it's praises, shes obsessed.
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i can eat paracetamol like tictacs and it does absolutely sod all for me. my doctor said that not everyone responds to all painkillers.

that said, i used to do ok with Solpadeine Plus Soluble Tablets- but i reckon that ws mainly the codeine (yay for opiates) and caffeine- when i'm wired, i don't care that stuff hurts any more.
Yeah, I think the codeine would have done a lot more for anyone than paracetamol.
Heh. Yeah, it's not really doing so much for me
Ibuprofen is the wonder drug of choice for me, but the vegan brand I've found before was missing from the shelves this time. (actually, I think it's just been reformulated to include shellac..ew)
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The only time I had an aspirin/paracetamol mix it made me feel really ill. I usually only take paracetamol so I guess aspirin is perhaps something I should avoid, eep.
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I'm sure Isowish will be along in a bit to sing it's praises, shes obsessed.
yup, I v. much like my anadin extra
not sure it's 'vegan' as, you know, animal testing etc, etc, but I'd much rather buy animal-tested animal-free chemicals than one with bits of dairy in, so
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I know it's made by Glaxo but ingredients wise, is Lemsip vegan? I have always avoided it and admit homeopathic remedies I have tried when I have had really bad colds have been much more effective, but I have always wondered.

'Pain bands' are apparently effective too, although I don't know too much about them.
lemsip sachets are basically paracetamol, decongestant, sugar, fake sugar, and lemon flavour. they look fine to me ingredients wise. they're vegetarian and lactose free on the lemsip site faq section. the gel caps aren't vegan (gelatine).
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