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People are failing to wake up to the fact that if the planet suffers, we all suffer, argues Fazlun Khalid. In this week's Green Room, he says we must respect the delicate nature of the Earth or risk leaving a toxic legacy for future generations.
What really makes me sad is my generation is closing their eyes and ears to the plight of the world for their own luxury and benefit.

I wish my generation could stop being so self-absorbed and help to save the Earth upon which we live. Without it, we've got nothing.

When I was in 7th grade we were taught that the sun is a star that will eventually explode. If we have not found ways to exist without it by then, we all perish. Now they are saying we won't even make it that long because of the abuse we are doing to our planet. We are going to kill ourselves before our beam of life gives out on us. That's just sad.

Full article here.
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