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Iria is spot on.

The goats are my favorite animals to watch at the fairs. I love watching them play. But it's sad to look up and see their breed listed as "meat goat" or something like that. And it's mostly kids or teens that are working with these meat animals in 4H so of course they all know what's going to happen to them. It's almost like a completely different culture from the one I'm used to.
This is what I grew up around, although I wasn't a "farming kid" (with the exception of a dozen chickens we had when I was very young, 4-5 years old. They were supposedly *my* chickens, and I didn't even realize until quite a while later what their fate was.) Many of the people I knew until I was 18 were farmers and farmer's kids.

I had a friend in highschool whose father was a cattle farmer. He had his own cow who he "raised" and doted on, and was devastated when her life came to its sadly inevitable end.

Ironically, I get better reactions about my veganism from the people I grew up with than I do average city people.
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