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doctor - so your a vegan

me- yes

doctor- are you still trying to lose weight

me- yes but i'm doing it healthy, i know about nutrition and i'm getting enough calories

doctor- you realize that this looks suspicious

me- why (with a hint of attitude)

doctor- i find it hard to believe that your focus is more on animal rights than losing weight

me.. with a lecture to her on nutrition (protein ect) and animal rights.

....and it was like talking to a wall. i have to stop veganism till i'm out of my teens or she'll make me talk to a shrink 3 times a week to make sure my eatings on track. i dont have TIME to see a shrink 3 times a week. or the need. but i still live with my parents, i can't fight them AND doctors

basically, i have to eat dairy. if i don't my mom basically has permission to force feed it to me.

sigh. i'll have to suck it up. i'm going to TRY to be a glass half full sorta gal and think of all the animals lives i'm sparing.

i mean, i'm only fifteen. i would give a stronger fight, but i've already been fighting my parents on this for a month. even though i'm at a healthy weight, they don't like all the restriction. i even show them how i'm NOT restricting much and theres copious foods i can still eat. i am defeated.
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