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R.I.P. KNUT (the Polar Bear)

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"The beloved four-year-old died yesterday afternoon in front of hundreds of visitors, taking keepers, animal experts and fans by surprise. The life expectancy of polar bear in the wild is between 15 and 20 years, but animals in captivity normally live even longer because they are not exposed to hunger, thirst or infections.
"I can't comprehend what happened there. He was happy before, there were no signs of anything it's so shocking," said fan Eveline Litowski, who said she had come to the zoo to find out more about Knut's early death."

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It's really sad. Especially with the enormous cult of fans he has here in Germany. But when I heard comments today from people that they cried over it while having wasted not a word on Japan in the last week or such, I was pretty PO'd.

Anyway, I'll be waiting to hear what he died off. Some say it's because his caretaker died surprisingly.
I StumbleUpon'd this yesterday:

I don't remember anything about Knut and the whole ordeal, but the name does sound familiar. The poor bear.

Edit: Now I remember how I know the name. The In 2007 song from JibJab (which I only realized because the song was just playing on shuffle.)
Thats sad and I can't even go unto a news article with out an add saying I won something.
my youngest cat is named after him. it's sad he died at such a young age
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