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yep, you can get chicken flavoured stuff with no chicken in it. and beef flavoured too. no doubt fish flavoured as well. scientists have been synthesising artificial and naturally based 'fake' flavourings for years, its big business.

if you're into replacing flavours you used to enjoy, you could look out for fake chicken and beef flavoured stock cubes, boullion, and meat analogues in your grocery or health food store. just read the label carefully. also, look in ethnic sections/stores- you might find all kinds of cool and unexpected stuff- you can even get vegan fake shrimp in some places.

and then there is the stuff thats used to accompany foods- herb and spice blends that add a flavour you associate with a meat- like sage and onion for chicken, and 'steak seasoning' or barbeque sauce for steak, or lemon and dill for fish. (or whatever- not really sure what spice goes with what meat!). things like that can be usefull in cooking, or if you're making seiten, or marinading tofu, etc.
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