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I've read a lot of your posts and must say , have learned a lot,and like

what I've learned.I really would like try to eat at least a little more raw

than I do now.My question is;I am insulin resistant more than likely

because of my weight problem,(which is slowly but surely becoming less

of a problem since going veggie).

What kind of effect does eating raw have on the blood sugar?When I

eat too much fruit,I feel lightheaded.Just wondering....

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Raw can be very balancing for the blood sugar if you do it right.

Berries have the most balanced sugar of any fruit. tomatoes and cucumbers are low-gly fruits too. so are bell peppers.

Seedless fruits like grapes, bananas, and seedless watermelon can have a very in-balancing effect if overdone and in the wrong way.

If you combine sweet things with oily things, or proteinacious things, their sugar releases slower into the blood and keeps it more balanced. I.e 3 seedless oranges juiced then blended with flax+coconut oil. if you did 3 fresh oranges with no oil you would probably get a blood sugar crash and youd be hungry after 30 minutes...i would anyway. but with fat, you dont get as full..

cinnamon can have a balancing effect on the blood sugar too, because of its chromium content. raw cacao beans can too as well. i'm sure theres other foods that are really specific to blood sugar but i don't really know what they are. google blood sugar balancing foods, or chromium containing foods. check out this movie trailer too. a bunch of diabetics went to the tree of life and fixed their condition in 30 days.
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