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Hi all!

I'm not only brand new to the board, I just signed the 30day PETA pledge 8 days ago. I've read through this board as well as about 30 websites about Vegetarianism. However, after going shopping last week, I still have one question: everytime I buy a veggie product, will I still have to read through the ingredients? The reason I'm asking is because I had read through the ingredients on the food products I normally use, comparing them to the list of hidden animal products, and decided which ones I would never use again. I called myself doing the "right thing" and getting veggie burger & chik'n patties. After eating them, enjoying them, and telling my family about them, I read the ingredients and they contain egg.
(Yes, I know there are ovo-vegetarians.) I was so shocked and dissappointed. Stupid me assumed that vegetarian meant it didn't contain eggs, etc...

I live in a very small town, backwoods, country, farming area. There's only 1 brand of frozen veggie products in the grocery stores here. Do we really have to read through every single veggie product, too?

(After reading my post, I was concerned that I sound lazy. LOL That's not the problem. I have a f/t job, p/t job, am a student, and have a disabled hubby and 6 kids to care for.)
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