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It's really hard to say, since each and every store is arranged slightly different.

But here are some ideas at least:

Quinoa can be found in the bulk section, probably, if the store has bulk foods. It's a grain (small and round, sort of like millet) so it will be near the rice and stuff. If it's not in the bulk section, look near the rice and other grains. It'll probably be in a small-ish box.

Tahini is sesame seed paste, basically. It might be found near the peanut butter or if the store has an ethinic aisle, it may be with other Middle Eastern (or sometimes even Jewish) foods. It might be in a glass jar or a can.

Depending on the recipe (like hummus) you can use natural style peanut butter as a replacement.

Miso and mellow brown rice miso are basically the same, and totally interchangeable. Mellow Brown rice Miso is simply a mild type of miso, and if you aren't familiar with miso, or haven't ever tried it, it's a good miso product to start out with. They should be in round plastic tubs in the refridgerated section, hard to say where, but possibly near items like tofu and tempeh.

Seitan is a meaty textured gluten product, sometimes called Wheat Meat or faux meat. Usually it's in the refridgerated section, though there are canned and frozen varities as well. It can be hard to find. Asian markets usually have a lot of styles, flavors and varieties.

Tempeh is usually sold in a flatish brick, I presume you'll find it in the fridgerated section, near the tofu and such.

Sweet brown rice (also called "waxy rice," "glutinous rice" and "mochi rice") is probably available in the rice and grain section - if the store is pretty well stocked. It's harder to find than most of the above ingredients, in my experience.

- - A couple more tips. Go to the store when you have LOTS of time and draw yourself a rough diagram. This will help for those times when you have to hurry.

-- Ask the employees anyway, you may be surprised. Every store has a manager, if the employees can't help you, ask for the manager. SOMEONE has to have general knowledge of where items are stocked. (And most of the items you have listed aren't THAT unusual. Any employee with half a brain SHOULD know where they are located, or they have no business working there, quite frankly. It's their JOB to help you, regardless of how incompetant they seem...).

Learn different names for products - it helps when asking someone else... or print out a picture of them from the internet so you sort-of know what to look for.

Vegetarian shopping takes some assertiveness. Just jump in there and DO IT!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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