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Question about Egg Replacer

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I have so many recipes for different homemade veggie, bean and grain burgers but not one of them calls for egg replacer in the recipe. I find this weird, when ever I make burgers at home and follow the recipe they fall apart so as a result I have started putting egg replacer in them and they are great, so firm and they never fall apart. IS there any reason that recipes do not call for egg replacer, I don't understand it, it makes such abig difference?
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My best success with veggie burgers has been with vital wheat gluten to hold them together. (recipes on Egg replacer (as in Ener-G or other brands of starch + gums + leavener) probably isn't necessary for most veggie burgers -- cornstarch would work just as well. Commercial egg replacer is really designed for baking.

If it works for you, though, great!
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