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Question about Egg Replacer

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I have so many recipes for different homemade veggie, bean and grain burgers but not one of them calls for egg replacer in the recipe. I find this weird, when ever I make burgers at home and follow the recipe they fall apart so as a result I have started putting egg replacer in them and they are great, so firm and they never fall apart. IS there any reason that recipes do not call for egg replacer, I don't understand it, it makes such abig difference?
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Funny you've had the experience of falling apart veg burgers w/no egg replacer. I've never had that problem. Then again, my recipes' ingredients are such that they replace what the egg did for non-vegan burgers.

(Btw, are you talking Egg Replacer as in the formal product name? Or as in a general item you're using as an egg replacer? Just wanted to clarify.

Then again... perhaps it's how the recipe was blended? Maybe not mashed down enough and with too much moisture?

Any veg burger I've made had a bean/seed/nut of some in it (and quite often 2 or all 3 of these items). When well blended and the recipe is kept LOW in moisture, my burgers always stay together. [There are easy ways to control the moisture.]

For example, Tess posted a recipe to a bean burger that has great tips I hadn't tried previously. Here's the link:

I made this recipe (albeit mine was a gluten-free version as you'll see at the end) but I used the tips and these burgers have the best shape of a veg/bean burger I've ever made. I'm going to make this again and next time add more veggies and herbs/spices to play around... and I'm going to make it w/o the cashews next time (since the baby doesn't like it when I eat nuts, either).

Though, I have a feeling that the cashews do play a part in holding it together, I'll sub some kidney beans instead, I think. I've done that before with good results.
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