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question about blenders

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Hi all,

I have a question about blenders (hence the title for this post!

I have burned up about 4 blenders in recent years. The motors just are not strong enough...there was one that seemed to be ok, but my sister broke the container on one of her margarita binges! LOL

Anyway, all the raw foodie videos I see use the vita-mix blender and I was thinking about getting one.

My question is do you all (any of you who have one) think it's a good buy? And what's with all the different models. I saw some on ebay, but of those there were only 2 speeds on one and then another one had a reverse motor feature...which is the best?

Or if there are other blenders any of you love that you use...could you recommend one?

I plan to use it for nut milks, making nut butters (I think that's possible--but maybe not), all these wonderful raw food recipes I see on youtube, and more than likely a daily smoothie for me and all my little ones.

Perhaps a vita-mix or similar might be overkill for what I would like to use it for...but I am tired of shelling out $$ every year or so for a new one when the old one kicks and I hear these last a long, long time with regular use even.

So, I thank you for your replies in advance. My gratitude for this community knows no bounds at this point. I only hope I am able to give something back to all of you. Thank you again and All the Best to all of you,

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Are you sure that just a blender will do? Have you considered a food processor?

I have a 12-year-old 20-dollar Hamilton Beach blender that has taken tons of abuse, and I also have a Cuisineart Food processor that I wouldn't trade for anything.
I myself am deciding between a vita-mix and a blend-tec and cant figure out which one is better...
I have a Vita-Mix and love it! It's expensive, yes, but it's very powerful and very well made. Seems like the kind of thing you could pass on to your children.
Michael, what model do you have...if you don't mind me asking.
Originally Posted by Michael View Post

I have a Vita-Mix and love it! It's expensive, yes, but it's very powerful and very well made. Seems like the kind of thing you could pass on to your children.
I got mine from my dad!
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Yes Vitamix is what you want. It's awesome. you can call vitamix directly and get a refurbished for about $250 bucks.

Also you WANT to get the speed dial one. If not, it's a pain in the booty. Get the speed dial!

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I just purchased a vitamix, I came from an Ostyer. I haven't burned through the Ostyer yet but I feel it is coming. I think it is a good buy for what it does and the warrinty and if you use it often. I've heard of Blendtec too, They are both fine I believe.
I have the vita mix and it is AMAZING! I had previously burned a few blenders...just not enough power for what I wanted to do. With the vita mix I can literally throw in a quartered apple (without taking any seeds out), ice cubes, baby carrots and rev it up and in 45 seconds I have a completely smooth beverage. Seriously, this thing is amazing, and completely worth the money. Oh and I should mention, if you use the highest speed for a minute or so you can make your own warm asparagus (ect) cooking required; it warms it just enough to be perfect from the super fast blade. AND, customer service is awesome...if ANYTHING EVER happens to it, they will replace it. If the motor burned out because you wanted to puree rocks or something
, they will send you a new one! GET ONE YOU WONT REGRET IT!

P.S. I have no affiliation with vita mix, I just LOVE it enough to write this
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I'm leaning towards a Blendtec. I just want to see some local demonstrations with that and a Vitamix.

I'm worried about the loudness of a Vitamix..i have an open floor plan, and worried the noise might make my cats run for cover..

Right now all I have is an el cheapo Black and Decker blender, and a knockoff of the Magic bullet. Cheapie little thing already is leaking.
I'm going to bid on a gently used 3600 vitamix plus on ebay. I am soooooo looking forward to getting one!
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Ok, so here's my excitement for the day...I bid on and won the auction for a vitamix super 3600 blender with the owner's manual (thank goodness that comes with it!) So, in a little over a week I should be having fun with my new blender and I am sooooo excited I am bursting at the seams!

Thanks to all for you're input. I really appreciate it!

I just had to share that the vitamix blender (with the adjustable dial!) is AMAZING!!! I made carrot coconut curry soup in it, easy, delicious, raw! I am beside myself with giddyness! I have found the book that comes with it a tad confusing, so I just started experimenting and, though I currently am storing the beast under my counter, I think it will soon have a permanent place on my counter since it seems like it will be getting a ton of use!

Thanks again for all the input and, if you are reading this wondering if you should get a vitamix, GET ONE! The soups alone are worth the investment---not to mention whole food smoothies, grinding grain, kneading bread's so worth it! (and it's fun!)
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