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I'm from montreal also, though right now I'm in edmonton for the summer
I'm not sure if it"s still there but they used to sell some in the faubourg, at one of those outdoor stands near the candy store.

I'm blanking on if indigo cafe sells those kind. wish I could be more helpful
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I went to the spirite lounge on the weekend. Pretty off the wall place. Overall I enjoyed it though.

I think you have to be pretty open-minded not to get a little freaked. Especially depending on your sexual orientation. Truefully though, the people were great, the food was great (if you're not afraid to eat your veggies), and the atmostphere grows on you after a while. = )

Hi! You can find Nayonaise at Loblaws or IGA (I saw it at IGA in Alexis Neon Plaza).

Also, FYI- check out for some montreal resources...I think there is a vegetarian chef there. It's also just a great free site that friends in NY use a lot.

Does anyone know the nutritional info for Harvey's veggie burger? What's in it? Does it have any fiber?

Hi there.

Just recently found out I have soy allergies... and I'm a veggie...

Any suggestions on what I can replace tofu / soy burgers with?


There is no Spirite to this Lounge. You soon will find out that the reason you need to ring a doorbell to get in, is the same reason abortion clinics do - for protection but not from meat eaters from past customers. I am a very openminded person, I loved this place at first, I was enchanted from their set-up but unfortunately this is all a facade a not so pleasant illusion. They are not happy vegetarians but money grubbing yuppies who feed you leftovers. There plates are huge but this is another illusion, the actual portions are very small. And the final illusion is the fact they don't have a menu - 'cause they charge whatever they want. For three the bill came up to 70 dollars! We did not have alcohol or anything to drink except one of us had a lemon sprizter. Never in Montreal have a had to pay this much. This restaurant profits off cheap rent and the naivete of others. BOYCOTT SPIRITE LOUNGE! If you want a good honest vegan loving resaurant go to Aux Vivres on St. Laurent, they are authentic have a great menu and serve you with honesty and there plates are yummy and when they say it is 11 dollars it really is.
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Pas de francophones ici? Etrange, étrange...

Well I'm from Paris but I'll be living in Quebec around december. I just got my visa.
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Aaaaaah ^^ je me disais aussi

Well in Montreal, but I'll spend a few weeks in Ontario (Ottawa) first.

Anybody from over there? I'll be horribly lost when I arrive
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That's awesome Meatless! How is it for vegans over there?

Kill_Uncle, where are you in Montreal?
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Kill_Uncle, I'm not familiar with Montreal yet, I only went there twice on vacation. That's also my point : I'm not sure where I'll be moving to, because I don't have an idea what the city is like when you live there! I've heard Le Plateau was a nice place, but that's about all I know for now

That's awesome Meatless! Do you have the Commensal restaurants in Ottawa? I remember eating there a few times when I visited eastern Canada.

I know the address I'll be staying at (my boyfriend's aunt) but I have no idea where it is concretely. Any info would be welcome, indeed! I'm afraid I'll be really lost when I arrive there.

Thanks a lot to you guys !
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Thanks a lot for the list, Meatless! I'll make sure to check these out when I'm in Ottawa. It all sounds great.

Kill_Uncle, well, what area would you recommend? We need it to be French though
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Thanks a lot
Can I PM or even MSN you guys sometime? I wouldn't want to "pollute" the forum with useless/irrelevant posts...
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Well thanks a lot everybody, I really appreciate
I might PM you guys this week. Have a good day!
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Well here we are, we moved in last Sunday. We're in Rosemont-Petite Patrie.
Actually we ended up buying ready-made veggie poutine sauce and made our own at home. Tasted great ^^
I used St.Hubert Poutine Sauce, but only the packaged one, not the can. I think they have it at Maxi and Maxi Plus. Where can one find the ready-made one?
Actually they're not really "ready-made", it's powder, you gotta add water... I got them at Dollarama... hem ^^ they taste like regular brown sauce, said my friend.
If we're talking about vegan Poutine sauce:

1. St Hubert Poutine Sauce Mix - Vegan and Delicious

2. Club House Poutine Gravy Mix - Vegan and almost the equal of the St Hubert

3. French's Poutine Sauce - I don't have any right now, so I can't say but it's vegan for sure (I suspect it is). Thickest of the bunch, but less taste than the other two.

I have seen the French's at many Dollar Stores. The other two should be available at Maxi, Loeb, Loblaws, Sobey's, and even some dépanneurs. MMmmmm - frites et biere, c'est ci bon.

ETA: Check out this link - the picture at the bottom is pure Quebec:
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