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People's Potatoe: Concorida Univ. Vegan Soup Kitchen
I lived almost entirely on People's Potato for about 4 months, when my student loan was delayed and I had no money for food. The food is not only vegan, it's also halal and kosher!

They do ask for donations, but don't require it. There's just a little box you can drop change into. I try to keep a little tab in my mind... they suggest $2 per meal, so if I get a free lunch one day I put in $4 the next. But it's not enforced, that's just my own personal thing. :p

They are so compassionate there, that if you bring your own tupperware at the end of the week or something, they'll fill it up so you have food for the weekend. They're also always looking for volunteers!

And last but DEFINITELY not least, THE FOOD IS FANTASTIC!!!
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Just a region-related note... WTF IS IT WITH HOSPITAL WAIT LINES?!?! I was at emergency for 11.5 hours today for various sprains and even a fracture!!
1 - 2 of 205 Posts
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