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Where can I find Vegan soap in Montreal ? Also, in which grocery store can I buy Soy Yoghurt/Soy Ice Cream in Monteal ?

Thanks for the response. How much does a bar of Vegan Soap Cost ? Most soaps are made from Tallow, this is animal fat. So unless they are clearly marked Vegan, they are NOT Vegan. The store that makes these is probably not Vegan and the profits are going to someone who is not Vegan.

Also, how much does Soy Yoghurt cost and for what Quantity ? I saw a small pack in PA supermarche for like 4 bucks. Normal yoghurt is twice the amount for about 2 Bucks when it is low priced.


I saw this product at my local Provigo. It looked really good. However, I just developed a cough and this is not a good time to try it. Hopefully, they will carry this from now on regularly.

Let us try and collect all Montreal/Quebec related Vegetarian and Vegan sites here for reference. Here are a few for starters.

Enjoy and thanks in advance all.


Here is a Vegan Montreal Site that I found:

Montreal Vegetarian Association

Word of Mouth Collective:

People's Potato Vegan Meals (Concordia Univ.)

Le Frigo Vert
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Here is info. on another really large Natural Food Store from Not sure if they are Vegan. However, worth checking it out. Please share experience if anyone here has been there. Thanks.

The biggest health food store in town I think. The upper level is for the cosmetics and health products, while the lower level is for the food, including a lot of organic fresh veggies and fruits.
This is a copy over from another forum for the benefit of all here ...

I am so excited to hear about vegan naan!! One place that hasn't been mentioned is La Sala Rosa, on Milton, which is vegetarian but vegan friendly. The service is slow but the vegan chocolate cake is delicious!

For people who don't know about it, Organic McGill is a co-op concept at McGill... during the year you can order a local organic veg basket for around $10 and pick it up the following week. Not _that_ cheap, but the difference between one of their leeks and one from the supermarket (for instance) is amazing. They also have ethiopian pastries for sale, which are all vegan. The sweet potato bread is amazing. Just amazing. My usual dilemma is whether I deserve one, because I usually just munch through the whole thing in a couple of hours. It runs in the Shatner building, second floor, and they also had a couple of cooking classes last year. Then of course there's Midnight Kitchen which serves vegan lunches every day for a nominal fee (pay $2 or whatever you want, bring your own tupperware). The food is food that would otherwise have gone to waste, so not gourmet, but the couple of times I've been there was a pretty decent beans + rice component. I believe Concordia has something similar called The People's Potato, although I've never been there.

For what it's worth, there's a smoothie place in Galeries du Parc which seems to serve a non-dairy smoothie (I haven't tried it yet but I asked about it once) and, since we were talking about Vegenaise long ago when I first joined the forums, I usually buy it at Eden (also Galeries du Parc). Bioterre (St Viateur) and Rachel Bery (St Laurent) also stock it, along with other goodies.

I am really glad this thread came up - there are places I haven't even been! And I second all the Chuch obsessing... sadly I almost always order the same thing when I go there At Aux Vivres you can also buy their veg butter and dragon sauce etc (the dragon bowl is my favourite)in bulk in containers which are made of corn starch and therefore compostable.
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Originally Posted by brittany, View Post

Sorry to go off topic, but I've recently gone to Aux Vivres for dinner. I really like the food there. Has anyone else gone?
Yes it is excellent.

Check this out
Originally Posted by greenrunner View Post

Here is my Craigslist posting if anyone can help out/knows anyone
If you are a Veggie/Vegan Chef, speak to folks at Aux Vivres, Yuan, Crudessance etc., they might have some suggestions for you. Plateau area is very veggie friendly.
French Vegan Cooking Link. Lots of great recipes:

Seems popular locally in Quebec also.
Originally Posted by bhooma View Post

Hi iam from India.on a business trip ..can u suggest some good veg restarant near Kirkland
Try grocery stores for bread, warm and eat soups, also the frozen section etc., If I know of any families there I will let you know. Chances are low though. Where in India are you from ?
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