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Originally Posted by Sebastian View Post

and why do you want to kill your uncle...?
i dont think it would be too smart for me to comment on that.

seriously,it is the name of a Morrissey album.the title makes me laugh.
Originally Posted by Vio1 View Post

Hi, im new to Montreal and was wondering if there are any other vegan/vegetarians here. any potlucks, meetings? organizations? thnx
hi there.

go to

when you select a city,enter montreal.

they meet pretty often to try different restaurants,but i have never joined them.
Originally Posted by Sirene View Post

Hey everybody

Do you guys know any brands of vegan cheese and which store stores them in Montreal or Laval

Thank you
i grew up in laval.
Originally Posted by Rahkoon View Post

Pas de francophones ici? Etrange, étrange...

Well I'm from Paris but I'll be living in Quebec around december. I just got my visa.
Where in Quebec?
Originally Posted by Rahkoon View Post

Aaaaaah ^^ je me disais aussi

Well in Montreal, but I'll spend a few weeks in Ontario (Ottawa) first.

Anybody from over there? I'll be horribly lost when I arrive
I am in Montreal.

see,you already know one person..
Originally Posted by Rahkoon View Post

That's awesome Meatless! How is it for vegans over there?

Kill_Uncle, where are you in Montreal?
I dont know how familiar you are with montreal.

i live in the west island.dollard des ormeaux.

about 15-20 minutes from downtown.

what area are you moving to?
If you have any questions,i will try to help you.
same here,but i wont be around much for the next week because i just moved.
I havent tired it,but i found this place for you.

Maamm Bolduc\t 4351 De Lorimer.

If you want to call and ask them a question about it.514-527-3884.
Originally Posted by LuckyDuck View Post

Just a region-related note... WTF IS IT WITH HOSPITAL WAIT LINES?!?! I was at emergency for 11.5 hours today for various sprains and even a fracture!!
That is insane !
1 - 12 of 205 Posts
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