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Just wondering if any other raw foodies here have used the purple corn kernels? If so, have you made anything interesting.

I just got some a little bit ago and I have been making some yummy drinks from my soaks. The water has a very mild taste and plus I am getting my antioxidents!

I made the Chica Morada and Purple Coconut (both Yummy!) from David Wolfe's site (I didn't buy my kernels though here though I got them cheaper some where else

I sprouted my kernels (it took several days but they did sprout) and made purple corn chips out of them yesterday. Unfortunately, they turned out very dry and mealy.
So, I am going to re-do them today with some frozen organic yellow corn (no fresh around here right now) and and some golden flax.

P.S. I am on a mission to find the perfect combo to make a awesome raw corn chip (like tortilla chips not Fritos) and I have tried a ton of combos and many recipes and the yellow corn and a small amount of golden flax seems to be the best. Also brown flax is ok too - makes the chip turn brown though. Corn by itself works ok if you keep the chips really thin and dehydrate for several days. Otherwise they get chewy if you make them too thick.

I also made some with corn, onion, carrot and red pepper. Those turned out really crispy!
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