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Hi my name is Nishan
I am a Lacto - ovo - vegetarian since birth, alike my whole family. I live in the UK and am currently studying for my IGCSE's.
My immediate family has a passion for vegetarianism and feel strongly about our views on the meat industry. Living in the UK , we are the minority. In my school, I am one of the few vegetarians. I believe that the only way we can change peoples views on vegetarianism/veganism is through experience. The same way you can rid of prejudices related to racism through positive experiences with a person from that race, you can rid of any negative prejudices against vegetarianism by tasting our food. Due to the high demand for meat produce in the UK , I have noticed that on most menu's vegetarians are limited to few , tasteless and basic meals. Which is why most vegetarian households resort to home cooked food , to satisfy their culinary needs. With that in mind I though of a simple idea , that I think will be successful and benefit , not only myself, my family and vegetarians, but also the world - as they get the chance to experience true vegetarian food.
My idea is this : A pure vegetarian restaurant brand , specialising in many different cuisines such as Indian, Mexican, Italian etc.

The key objectives of the restaurant brand would be :
To make good quality food that we are proud of eating ourselves.
To embrace the art of cooking within diffrerent cultures.
To produce pure vegetarian food and inspire individuals to eat more vegetarian food.

This is just a baisic outline of the restaurant brand.

All feedback is welcomed and I hope we can turn this idea into something practical.

Thanks for reading !
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