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Pumpkin Spice at Starbucks

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If I order a Pumpkin Spice latte made w/ soymilk, would that be vegan?? I don't know if the pumpkin spice stuff is a mix or just a syrup.
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Would a soy mocha be vegan?

I used to get those a lot. It's just chocolate syrup and steamed soymilk and coffee...right?

I'm guessing if I ordered a gingerbread soy latte that it would be vegan.Hm.
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Pumpkin syrup is not vegan!?!?!? Thanks for the info.. I wanted to try that one of these day. Heck, i'll make my own at home. :}~

The chocolate syrup is not vegan!?!?
They lied to me!!! I had it once though.. a hot chocolate with soy milk.

You know... sometimes the baristas dont know what ingredients are deriatives from milk, like whey and casein.

Yeah,same here.They told me specifically that there weren't any milk derivatives so I was thinking it was like hershey's chocolate syrup.
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