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Protien Packed Wedsndays

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I have a problem. I live in a culture dominated by meat and potatoes. I live in a world going into ecomonic turmoil. Therefore, it's hard for a joe like me to find cheap food, and make it healthy veggie food. Every meal I eat isn't extremely fancy, it's normally a sandwich, or some stir fry. I want some more pazazz at the dinner table...thats why I came up with protien packed wednsdays. I want to find cheap recipes filled with protien on a hump day to help me get over the hill. So what is your favorite (cheapest) recipe chalk full of protein? Mine is black bean quesodillas or good ol' vegetarian chili. Bring on the comments! :OP
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I try to keep my daily food at a ratio of 3/5 carbs, 1/5 fat, and 1/5 protein especially when I am training, to keep my performance up I try to have all of it spread evenly through out the days, and thereby throughout the week. You won't really feel the protein on Tuesday that you ate last Wednesday.
"You won't really feel the protein on Tuesday that you ate last Wednesday"- River

True dat. I once heard about vegetarian hero foods. the ones that are perfect for vegetarian needs like vitamins and protien. that is the essence of what i am looking for in this food journey
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Lentil chili, split pea soup, veggie burgers, red beans and rice, three bean stew, baked tofu sandwich...
Lentil chili, split pea soup, veggie burgers, red beans and rice, three bean stew, baked tofu sandwich..."

Hm Thanks ElaineV. I'll try some of that three bean stew
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Quinoa is my favorite grain, used like rice or couscous, and it is a complete protein. Totally yummy! I also keep s couple of containers of tofu in the freezer for baking. Thaw it out, drain it mostly dry, a quick marinade, bake in an oiled pan at 375 for about 20 minutes and u have tofu on hand for sandwiches or stirfries or pasta or rice or whatever!
Jentlytread, what is your favorite recipe for marinades?
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Hmmm...sometimes I just marinate with a strong broth made with vegetable bouillon. My favorite put-it-together one is made with soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, minced fresh garlic, cracked black pepper, sea salt, and ground ginger. Great for portabella caps!
thanks i'll try it for dinner tomorrow.
Hmm, it doesn't get cheaper/more protein packed then dahl
Here is one of my fave recipes:
Then there is one of my all time faves: Multigrain Minestrone with Chestnuts (Cheap because you can really make it with whatever grains and vegies you have in the house, except maybe the chestnuts - but they add extra protein!)
However - this is probably the most protein packed meal I've made
- Four Types of Lentils with Broad Beans! Very cheap to make and so delicious!

Here are some more ideas:
Black Eyed Bean Curry
Two Bean Jambalaya (DELICIOUS!)
Lentils with Artichoke and Mint
White Bean Salad
Baked Lentils w/ Sweet Potato and Mushrooms
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