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Protein & Meal Replacements Shakes

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I bought a protein and a meal replacement shakes from Naturade and there awful. It took all my will to down a 4oz. glass of the protein shake this morning. Do any of you use protein or meal replacement shakes? What ones? For those you who don't use them are you aware of a brand I can possibly try?
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Thanks Max Power & WonderRandy. I'm going to check to see if one the local health stores carry those brands.
A really good natural diuretic is Yerba Mate. Make a tea out of the loose herbs and sweeten with Agave Nectar. It aslo regulates peristalsis and improves skin tone. I like to have Mate in the a.m. and my caffien (soy latte) later in the day.
The best protein powder ever is Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Powder. It's high in fiber naturally and contains no unnatural fillers. Plus it has a yummy nutty tast. It's really good in smoothies. I eat this smoothie almost every mid-day.

1C Frozen papaya

1/2 Frozen banana

1 scoop Nutiva hemp powder

1 squirt agave nectar

and enough non-fat vanilla soymilk (WestSoy) to cover

blend.. and Voila!

I also add some Blue Green Algea flakes for an added green boost. This smoothie balances blood sugar, is naturally diuretic and is great for energy!
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21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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