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Protein & Meal Replacements Shakes

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I bought a protein and a meal replacement shakes from Naturade and there awful. It took all my will to down a 4oz. glass of the protein shake this morning. Do any of you use protein or meal replacement shakes? What ones? For those you who don't use them are you aware of a brand I can possibly try?
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Originally posted by 1vegan

If you aim to loose weight there is only one thing that works (in the long run): start eating less.
And a great way to start eating less is to replace meals with meal-shakes.

Apple: I just picked up "Zone Perfect All Natural Protein Powder" - it's a soy/whey blend. I got it at the local supermarket and it was the cheapest, at $13 for 39 servings. It's also the best I've tasted in the no-fat no-carb area. Each serving has 30 calories, and 7 grams of protein. That's not a TON of protein, but I drink it with fat-free milk, which adds 12g of protein, and a tablespoon of honey. It really tastes good!

I usually have one drink in the morning, with a bagel, and one at night on nights that I work out or go to the gym. Another tip there: focus on adjusting your eating schedule slowly to where you're eating 4 or five small meals per day, with the last being a no-fat no-carb meal no later than 8pm.

Good luck, bud.
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Originally posted by MsRuthieB

Maybe I'll switch to the Zone Perfect. Does it fill you up? [...] Cadbury Eggs are right around the corner...
Don't remind me! I'm trying to lose some extra weight now as a pre-emptive measure

The Zone Perfect... well... it's hard to say on the "fill you up" tip. If a slimfast shake fills you up, then probably so will this stuff in soy milk. Drop a banana in, maybe?
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