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Protein & Meal Replacements Shakes

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I bought a protein and a meal replacement shakes from Naturade and there awful. It took all my will to down a 4oz. glass of the protein shake this morning. Do any of you use protein or meal replacement shakes? What ones? For those you who don't use them are you aware of a brand I can possibly try?
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I have been eating less, a lot less! Though I lost it yesterday and ate chocolate chip bars.
But no worry first thing this morning I threw them all out along with all my chocolate and the rest of the soy ice cream I had. Why does chocolate has be so good?! Damn chocolate!!!! But with eating less I drink a lot more water so now I have to get some sort of diuretics so I don't put on water weight. But anywho I bought them because it's impossible to get a suitable amount of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and protein on my daily caloric intake. And I am working towards a fast so I am trying to cut down on solids to get use to it.
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Thanks max. I've been using the Slimfast but drinking it with Vanilla Silk. I think I'm getting way too much fat with the two combined. Plus, been excercising 1/2 hour a day. Maybe I'll switch to the Zone Perfect. Does it fill you up?

Apple: Chocolate is 8th deadly sin! Damn...Cadbury Eggs are right around the corner...I'm dealing with the V-Day candy too right now.. I swear. Quitting candy for me is way harder than quitting smoking, drinking, or eating flesh. Now, that says something about sugar, doesn't it? It's a damn drug...the other 'white powder'....
Originally posted by MsRuthieB

Apple: Chocolate is 8th deadly sin! Damn...Cadbury Eggs are right around the corner...I'm dealing with the V-Day candy too right now.. I swear.
Ah, it's time like that when I use toothpaste. If it doesn't taste good why eat it? And if you use it enough you get really clean/white teeth. I'm serious. When I'm tempted by candy I brush my teeth so I don't eat it. If I try to it's horrible and the bad tastes lasts for about 20-30 minutes enough time for me to stop thinking about it.
Cool ...see, you can teach an old a new trick
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But your at work. I don't know if you can brush your teeth at work. Maybe you can use mouth wash real fast while in the ladies room.

I have lots of tips on how one can loose weight, reduce appetite, and reduce daily caloric intake. I'm just afraid to post them.
PM them to me. Unless you want them scrutinized, don't post them openly.
Yes coffee is good. It's a natural diuretic. I'm going to buy some tonight along with tea (diuretic) because of the caffeine, I think. I'm drinking twice as much water I should - 128oz of water a day (yes I keep track). I should only drink around 64oz. a day so I know I'm picking up water weight.
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And I just sent you three PM MsRuthieB.

Side note: Apple hates the "Sorry! The administrator has specified that users can only post one message every 60 seconds." message. Waiting for 60 second to end....
Yeah, but too much water is not good for you! It carries out nutrients and vitamins that your body needs...most importantly salt. Without salt in your body you get very sick (an possibly die). Plus, all that work your organs are doing processing mega amounts of water probably isn't good either.
Thanks Max Power & WonderRandy. I'm going to check to see if one the local health stores carry those brands.
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