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Protein & Meal Replacements Shakes

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I bought a protein and a meal replacement shakes from Naturade and there awful. It took all my will to down a 4oz. glass of the protein shake this morning. Do any of you use protein or meal replacement shakes? What ones? For those you who don't use them are you aware of a brand I can possibly try?
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Apple, keep drinking lots of water, but don't worry about gaining "water weight" . the water will do it's thing naturally and flush out any toxins. Diuretics are dangerous. The water that's in your system is there to do vital work, including supporting your metabolism. It nourishes your skin. It improves your digestion. You want more water in your system.
As for meal replacement shakes, try out different brands. I really like the Peaceful Planet brand. Very well balanced nutritionally, and a very aware company. and tasty!!!

add fresh or frozen fruit, juices, soy milk, spirulina, flax seeds, coconut, coffee... you name it! Yum YUUUUMMMM!!!!

need me some smoothie.....
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1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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