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Protein & Meal Replacements Shakes

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I bought a protein and a meal replacement shakes from Naturade and there awful. It took all my will to down a 4oz. glass of the protein shake this morning. Do any of you use protein or meal replacement shakes? What ones? For those you who don't use them are you aware of a brand I can possibly try?
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I tried Naturade before, but I was drinking the shakes to add calories to my diet, thinking it would help me gain some needed pounds. At first, it tasted all right, I just mixed it with cherries and it was like a Vanilla Cherry shake, but then as I kept drinking them I started noticing an after-taste, and pretty soon it was like drinking a glass of vomit. Now I have a whole can of that crap sitting in the cupboard.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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