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Hi everyone, I'm a recent college graduate and some of my friends and I are trying to find ways to do something productive and make a difference.

We all feel strongly about the issue of over-consumption of soda in children - the corporate sector spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year on advertising soda and sugary drinks to children, while at the same time it's proven to increase risk of diabetes, childhood obesity, tooth decay, caffeine addiction, and a number of other health concerns.

We want to make a 100% free webseries starring a friendly watercolor paintbrush named Thirsti Brush. He loves painting with water and drinking lots of it, as well as staying hydrated with alternative beverages to soda like vegetable juice and organic goat milk.

pm me for a link to our video

If you like the idea and want to see it turn into something, we'd really appreciate any help through backing the project or helping us get our message out there. Thanks!
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