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Processed Cause Cancer - WHO? How Did you feel?

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If you haven't seen news articles on it already, Google Red Meat and Processed meat cause cancer. The World Health Organization has stated that Processed meats cause cancer & Red meats can cause cancer.

What is your response to this and feelings?

I'm thinking "I told you so" to all my meat loving, protein high diet friends. I know that is not the correct response to my non-vegan, non-vegetarian friends; so instead I smile and pray that they soon become vegan as well to help the planet and ultimately have a healthier lifestyle.
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Most meat eaters I know are, unfortunately, either making light of it in a "gotta die someday" sort of way or doubting the legitimacy of WHO's conclusions. It was the same with cigarettes, though, wasn't it? Growing evidence that this is a dangerous habit, finally an official statement proclaiming as much, public denial, then a gradual cultural shift away from the dangerous behaviour. We're already beginning to see this with meat eating. Every day I read a new article in the mainstream media which paints vegetarianism in a positive light. More companies are creating vegetarian products. Politicians are talking about protecting the environment. The general public is expressing an interest in animals as individuals worthy of basic rights (even if only lions and orcas.) Change is happening!
Yep I sometimes wish I could have been born later just because I think the future will be way more vegan friendly and positive than it is now.
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But hey look at it this way, we're like pioneers! :D

I went vegetarian about 15 years ago and in that time there has been a crazy amount of progress and the amount of vegetarian/vegan options at stores and restaurants has exploded. There used to be maybe one kind of veggie burger and some tofu dogs in the frozen section of my local grocery store and now it seems like every store I go to has a special vegetarian section. People in general also seem much more open to the idea of vegetarianism and it doesn't make you "weird" anymore. While it would have been great to be born in a world that's already vegan it has been very exciting seeing all this progress happen.

I hope that by the time I'm old there will be even more huge changes and factory farming will be a thing of the past.
Haha yes that is true :p And you can tell your grandchildren you were one of the pioneers lol
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