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Processed Cause Cancer - WHO? How Did you feel?

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If you haven't seen news articles on it already, Google Red Meat and Processed meat cause cancer. The World Health Organization has stated that Processed meats cause cancer & Red meats can cause cancer.

What is your response to this and feelings?

I'm thinking "I told you so" to all my meat loving, protein high diet friends. I know that is not the correct response to my non-vegan, non-vegetarian friends; so instead I smile and pray that they soon become vegan as well to help the planet and ultimately have a healthier lifestyle.
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Most people who eat meat have an ''yeah yeah I know meat is unhealthy blablabla'' kind of attitude; which sounds much like smokers do indeed!

It shows that in general; people are becoming more aware and people are less accepting of such behaviours; which is good. If this continues then I'm pretty hopeful that in another twenty years eating meat will be a thing of the past.
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