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Processed Cause Cancer - WHO? How Did you feel?

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If you haven't seen news articles on it already, Google Red Meat and Processed meat cause cancer. The World Health Organization has stated that Processed meats cause cancer & Red meats can cause cancer.

What is your response to this and feelings?

I'm thinking "I told you so" to all my meat loving, protein high diet friends. I know that is not the correct response to my non-vegan, non-vegetarian friends; so instead I smile and pray that they soon become vegan as well to help the planet and ultimately have a healthier lifestyle.
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Its nice that more people are beginning to pay attention to the scientific evidence.
They learn all kinds of cool things like
1) meat causes cancer and impotence
2) arugula prevents cancer and improves sexual performance
Is it any wonder vegetarianism is on the increase in colleges?
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People generally care more for their trivial pleasures than they do about their lives.
Half a century isnt enough time to change that. Just look in the oldest literature from brahmanism, buddhism, judaism, christianity, and islam ranging from 3000 to 1500 years ago. All of them depict people who were knowingly indulging in habits that would kill them, they did it anyway.
Moreover, many people despise life and try to hasten its end.

It takes maturity and a respect for life to counteract those behaviors, and thats a thing thats more difficult to achieve.
Ironic, I'm reading a book by Doctor E.H Dewey, published in 1900, I just came to a part where he matter of factly attributes Ulysses S. Grants death by throat cancer to his cigar smoking habit and the good doctor firmly denounces his fellow doctors for smoking cigars in the rooms of the sick "where the purest air of heaven ought to prevail". The danger of smoking was known to the medical community 62 years before that ^ smoking video was made.
Back in the 50's it was known that meat causes various forms of disease and its only now being accepted.
I wonder what established medical knowledge of today will become shocking revelation in the year 2077.
Its unfortunate, but its their choice.
Whats horribly sad is that its forced on children.
Outside of a few scientists employed by the industries, in the scientific world its accepted as a fact that raising kids on pizza and ice cream condemns them to a life of disease, disability, and early death.
If I took someones child and did with a knife what their parents were doing to them with cheeseburgers I would be globally denounced as a twisted monster and sent to prison for the rest of my life. But cheeseburgering the child to death is a protected 'right' of parents.
Its a strange world.
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