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Prob/Maybe going back on Nuvaring

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So, I've been off b/c for a while now, but I'm seriously considering going back on because:

(1) I'm tired of breaking out

(2) I'm tired of the 6-9 day periods I've had the past couple months

(3) Kind of looking forward to no period at all (doc has okay'd me to take the ring continuously, so won't ever have a cycle... unless I decide to).

However, I'm disappointed that the above bothers me so much, 'cause:

(1) I actually like the feeling of having a "real" cycle, cramps and all.

(2) I'm uncertain about the whole hormone deal... I mean, I was on 'em for nearly 10 years, and have only been off for a year... can it really be ok for me to sign on for another 3-5 years, before I want kids?

(3) It costs so much $ (even with insurance & the fact that I get 1/2 of my rings as "samples" from my OBGYN...

(4) I've just started using The Keeper and it's FABULOUS and now it'll just sit under my counter...

I don't know... I'm starting to date again after a bit of a hiatus, and I think this whole thing may be coming up because I want to have fun w/out worrying about periods or babies. Is that wrong?

Should I try to have "fun" w/out trying to ignore the fact that a woman's body has a monthly cycle or should I take advantage of modern medicine?
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this is just an alternative. as always, whatever you do is up to you!

to have fun and not worry about babies, an alternative is fertility charting and utilizing some form of barrier method. the barrier needs only be used when fertile which you can determine with charting.

for pms symptoms and related, you might also be interested in the wise woman herbal for the child bearing year by susun weed.
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