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Prob/Maybe going back on Nuvaring

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So, I've been off b/c for a while now, but I'm seriously considering going back on because:

(1) I'm tired of breaking out

(2) I'm tired of the 6-9 day periods I've had the past couple months

(3) Kind of looking forward to no period at all (doc has okay'd me to take the ring continuously, so won't ever have a cycle... unless I decide to).

However, I'm disappointed that the above bothers me so much, 'cause:

(1) I actually like the feeling of having a "real" cycle, cramps and all.

(2) I'm uncertain about the whole hormone deal... I mean, I was on 'em for nearly 10 years, and have only been off for a year... can it really be ok for me to sign on for another 3-5 years, before I want kids?

(3) It costs so much $ (even with insurance & the fact that I get 1/2 of my rings as "samples" from my OBGYN...

(4) I've just started using The Keeper and it's FABULOUS and now it'll just sit under my counter...

I don't know... I'm starting to date again after a bit of a hiatus, and I think this whole thing may be coming up because I want to have fun w/out worrying about periods or babies. Is that wrong?

Should I try to have "fun" w/out trying to ignore the fact that a woman's body has a monthly cycle or should I take advantage of modern medicine?
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I might check out the Wise Woman... does that have skin info? but ugh, I just don't know. I should be starting a ring tomorrow IF I decide to go back on.

I'm really not looking at any other alternatives: it's either the ring (or I could switch to some other hormonal bc---they've all worked for me in the past, except for the shot, that made me bitchy). But I'm trying to figure out if I should start bc again when I'm not really concerned about getting preggers. I use condoms and am not 20 anymore--it just isn't my biggest concern.

Instead I'm interested in (1) clear skin (and people, I guess when I say 'break-outs' it's not that extreme. I think a derm would laugh at me if I went in for a consult, it's so mild. But I'm almost 30 and I hate 'em. Mostly, (2) I just want to be able to have sex w/out worrying that I'm having a period. That's not that big of a deal if you're in a relationship, 'cause you can just wait it out or explain to your partner that you need to lay a towel down or that they have to deal with the drag of an "Instead," but if you're out dating, sometimes you meet someone and getting your period is just a real bummer. 'Cause who knows if it'll start during your 1st time w/a guy (that actually happened to me about 2 months ago! horrors) or it'll be going and so you'll have to stop what seemed to be a good make-out session, or it'll last for FOREVER--which mine have been. I mean, 7-9 days?! UGH!---in which case you're gonna have to start explaining why you're not putting out, and for a guy to realize that 9 days out of each month he'll have to deal with it is a total turn off.

So, essentially, going on bc would help facilitate sex (clear skin, no periods) rather than keep the babies away. And is that something worth messing up my hormones for? Since my body by itself is happier w/out the bc? But toss dating in there, and my cycle = bad dates. :/
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Originally Posted by IamJen View Post

Do you mean to say that you'd be okay with getting pregnant, or that you're not concerned because you use condoms?
Well, I'm not trying to get pregnant, but I'm at a point in my life where if I were to become so, I could handle it. Not my dream life, and no private schools like I'd like to provide for my kid, but wouldn't have to move in w/my parents or work 3+ jobs or anything. But yeah, I've been basically relying on condoms to do the job. As well as noting when I'm ovulating and maybe having the guy finish in alternative places, just to be extra careful.

Veggielove, you really don't think guys mind waiting? Maybe I DO date the wrong sort, but either they're all the wrong sort, or they're at least the only type that ever talk to me (?). 'Cause they def seem irritated if they have to deal. Or they act like they don't mind, but then don't call for 2 weeks (if ever again)... All I know is that 2 of my past bf's were thrilled not to have to deal (both told me so) and if bf's were thrilled, I can only imagine how guys I'm just dating feel...

Well, haven't inserted it yet. I think I'll think about it another month. Maybe I should try a visit to the derm. And though you say she/he won't laugh, I don't want an eyeroll either! I went in once about 10 years ago now, and the 1st thing the nurse actually told me was, "Why are you even here? I'm looking at you and your skin isn't even close to being bad as the rest of the patients we see." which totally made me feel like I was wasting the doctor's time...
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Originally Posted by veggielove View Post

I am a strong believer in building a good relationship with someone BEFORE sex.
Lol, yeah, that's never been my strength. I usually wait to see if the sex is good, and THEN decide if I want to keep seeing him...

Of course, I'm turning 30 and am still single, so maybe that's not the way to go... I just find the whole 'romantic dating' thing to be, well, fake. I don't know. Maybe I'm not not that interesting unless I'm naked.
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