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Prob/Maybe going back on Nuvaring

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So, I've been off b/c for a while now, but I'm seriously considering going back on because:

(1) I'm tired of breaking out

(2) I'm tired of the 6-9 day periods I've had the past couple months

(3) Kind of looking forward to no period at all (doc has okay'd me to take the ring continuously, so won't ever have a cycle... unless I decide to).

However, I'm disappointed that the above bothers me so much, 'cause:

(1) I actually like the feeling of having a "real" cycle, cramps and all.

(2) I'm uncertain about the whole hormone deal... I mean, I was on 'em for nearly 10 years, and have only been off for a year... can it really be ok for me to sign on for another 3-5 years, before I want kids?

(3) It costs so much $ (even with insurance & the fact that I get 1/2 of my rings as "samples" from my OBGYN...

(4) I've just started using The Keeper and it's FABULOUS and now it'll just sit under my counter...

I don't know... I'm starting to date again after a bit of a hiatus, and I think this whole thing may be coming up because I want to have fun w/out worrying about periods or babies. Is that wrong?

Should I try to have "fun" w/out trying to ignore the fact that a woman's body has a monthly cycle or should I take advantage of modern medicine?
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Its totally up to you. I'm not personally a fan of using BC to completely get rid of one's period, I know a lot of people who have had fertility issues after that. Your "pros" list really only has one thing on it that seems very important to you, and that's that you're breaking out. Maybe a new skin cleanser is in order, or a trip to dermatologist? If you weren't breaking out, would you still want to go on the ring again? If the answer to that is no, then I would see a dermatologist. If you want to stay on the ring because you want to prevent getting pregnant, then of course that's a good idea. Only you (and your doctor) can decide what is right for you.
A dermatologist will not laugh at you about breakouts of any kind. That would be unprofessional, and you might not believe it, but he/she probably has patients with even LESS breakouts than you get. Some people go just for oily or dry skin, no acne at all.

7-9 days is not too long at all. I had 10-14 day periods before I went on BC. They regularized after I came off BC. My boyfriend at the time (now husband) obviously didn't mind.

To be terribly honest, I don't think that most men care about waiting for "aunt flo" to leave for sex. If waiting 9 days from meeting a guy, he can't wait for sex, I think you are dating the wrong kind of guy. Unless all you want is relationships for sex, I don't think you need to worry about your period. Its natural and normal and men know that too.
To be honest veggiewriter I never slept with guys too early on in the relationship, so they had to wait a little longer than even that. I'm certainly not celibate, but in today's world, there are a lot of things we can do besides sex to have fun - not to mention, its a dangerous world out there. I am a strong believer in building a good relationship with someone BEFORE sex, because sex is like whipped cream, and the relationship is like apple pie ;-) Doesn't matter how good the whipped cream is, if the apple pie is no good, the whipped cream can't fix it. ;-)

If a guy wouldn't call me because 10 days was too long for him to wait to whip it out, you can be damn sure I'm glad he didn't ever get a chance in the first place. I think you should be too. And yes, I think the guys you've dated in the past are no good for that reason. You deserve better, and you shouldn't have to entice guys by artificially removing periods from your body. You deserve better, and until you realize you deserve better, and ask it of those you meet, they are gonna continue to treat you this way.

My sister has the same issue with having sex too early, and gets upset when men treat her like an afterthought. I really do believe a man will respect you better if you aren't apologizing for not being able to put out right off the bat. BUt that's another thread, i think, if we so choose to have it. ;-) I really don't think, given all the info you've told us, that using the ring as you've described is the right choice for you.

And seriously, the nurse was probably trying to make you feel better, in her own twisted way. I'd go see one, if you can.
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Sorry to hear that's been your experience. ANd this "romantic dating" thing you speak of - it doesn't have to be the cornball dinner and movie stuff. My husband took me on a date to a fancy restaurant our first date - after the date, we both divulged that we hated fancy restaurants, lol. We've never gone again, and instead spent most of our "courtship" hanging out with friends together, going to concerts, and studying together (we were in college.) We didn't like a forced "romantic" relationship either. It doesn't have to be that way.

I'm just seriously concerned because of the statement "Maybe I'm not that interesting unless I'm naked." That to me sets off alarm bells. I definitely think you need to work on your idea of self-worth.... of course you are interesting with your clothes on too! And if for some strange reason, you actually AREN'T (and I've only ever seen this in people who spent their whole lives depressed and sleeping and never defining themselves) - then BECOME interesting.... join a club, get a hobby, read more, get involved with politics, volunteer to help your community.... lots of choices. All of those things make you interesting, and there are lots of other things to do too.

I understand that sex is an important part of a relationship, but in my own person experience, watching my friends, etc.... "sex first relationship next" NEVER has worked, and the girl always gets hurt when the guy suddenly dissapears, gives some lame reason why he's moving on. Like i said before, I am no prude, but I do know something about good relationships, and i really dont think your current strategy is the best way to start one.
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