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I have a job planned for next summer which I'm 95% sure will be in France (but could be Italy or Spain!) and I'm a bit worried about eating veggie when I'm there! I'm working at a summer camp so I'll be sharing a kitchen with quite a few other staff members and I'll more than likely have limited access to fridge and no access to a freezer! Being a student in the UK I practically live on quorn which I cook in big portions and freeze it as that's the cheapest way I've found to live.

My first major concern is according to the quorn website it's not sold in France! Does anyone know if it's available at all over there?! Not even like I can take some with me because as far as I know you're not allowed to take food from one country to another? If that is the case does anyone know of an alternative that is readily available?

My second concern is my lack of recipe ideas that don't involve cooking in bulk and freezing! That's pretty much the only way I ever cook! So any suggestions at all for quick and easy one person portion meals are going to be massively helpful! The whole point of the job for the summer is to save some money so I'm not so tightly budgeted next year but if I have to resort to eating out all the time thats not going to happen!

AND! Just to make it an even more awkward request I'm MEGA picky and don't like a lot of typical vegetarian veggies! =( I don't eat mushrooms, courgettes, tomatos (I don't mind if it's something like chopped tomatos in bolognese but I can't stand the actual fruit!) peas and sweetcorn, swede and probably a few others I can't think of off the top of my head!

Anyone who's visited France or lives there who can give me help/suggestions on meat alternatives that are available - I'd greatly appreciate it!

Blue x
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