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Preserve Eggs for a Longer Period

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1.\tWash the eggs and put them slowly in a container full of lime water or mustard oil. The eggs will not only be preserved for long - they will not get spoiled either.

2.\tFor storing eggs for longer time say for about 30-40 days, you should apply any cooking oil with the help of brush on the egg shell. They will stay for long time.

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The thought of eating an egg turns my stomach.

The thought of eating a 40 day old egg ..!!!!!?????? I feel queasy!
How exactly does one discover these kinds of things?

Im with honeysuckle here... gaaggg
OK, eww, no. I don't think I could eat an old egg. Or any egg.
I don't eat eggs, but I hear they freeze really well.
Ha! We would used to keep eggs around forever in my house when I was growing up. By forever I mean way beyond 40 days. I still use them about a month beyond the sell-by date if they happen to last that long.
My hubby eats eggs so they end up in the fridge past their due date at my house too. So far he hasn't gotten sick from them....I guess I should check them out, I just never think of it since I don't eat them....
i don't eat eggs because I can't. I am allergic and they make my throat itch and make me throw up.
Eating a 'dodgy' fried egg at a cafe was one of the deciding factors in me making the change from veggie to vegan.

I've never heard of any method that can make eggs last longer than their expiry date.
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Is that like the thousand-year egg? The black ones?
I love those.
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