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:)I received my blood work results yesterday and it indicated a high blood glucose of 110 (between 70-99 is the range)
My mum who is 80, not vegetarian has diabetes type 2 and by her own admission caused this by poor diet earlier in life and now complains she cannot enjoy any sweet foods

I want to avoid this happening to me!
Maybe I’m genetically predisposed to it

I’ve been vegetarian since I was 15, I’m now 50

also the lab shows low BUN level of 7
Range is 8-24

i can’t figure out what this means or what caused it except from reading it seems that the usual problem lies with HIGH bun levels

I then looked up my BUN creatine ratio and it said it pointed at kidney issues but I don’t have any symptoms of kidney problems

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It's not wise to give or receive any important medical advice on the internet's really hard to say whether type 2 runs in families, or if unhealthful eating runs in families.*

Weight loss is the primary way of controlling T2 diabetes. Some research says that a low-fat diet is helpful, especially one that's low in saturated fats, though not a totally fat-free diet which can be an issue if followed long term.

You mention you're vegetarian -- a vegetarian diet can still be fairly high in fat, especially saturated fats from egg and dairy products. Here again, a healthy vegan diet has little saturated fat, and tends to promote weight loss. Vegan diets are also typically higher in fiber and have a lower glycemic index, two more advantages in controlling diabetes.

Dr. Neal Barnard has an excellent book on reversing diabetes through diet, but most information is probably here:

If you like research studies and clinical trials, here are a bunch. Notably, in the section on the risk of T2, lacto-ovo vegetarians' risk was not that much lower than meat eaters.

* T2 also "runs in the family" on my mother's side -- but so does meat and dairy. Of her and her four sisters, all in their 70s, only one who's stayed slim has not developed it. One was diagnosed but battled back, and she came to me for help feeding her information and recipes because she heard that a vegan diet is helpful. My brother is seven years younger than me and was diagnosed with T2 at age 40, after decades of fast food and mom's cooking. He radically changed his diet, dropped 45 pounds, and was able to get off diabetes medications and take up running and hiking again. He can still indulge now and then but otherwise his diet is pretty clean.

On the "personal opinion" side: sugar, or the sweets your mom misses, is far less of an issue for T2 than people think. Both my aunt and my brother have the occasional vegan birthday cake and ice cream without issues with blood sugar, because the rest of what they eat is healthy and plant-based. I say sugar isn't the problem, the problem is fat, and if you can eat sweets without a hit on your weight, then give it a try and see if you agree. Without, of course, taking advice from people on the internet!
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