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Post Your Sweet Potato Recipes!

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Went out grocery shopping and got some sweet potatoes which are some of my favorites!! I wanted to know what recipes you guys had for sweet potatoes. I'm very interested in trying some! :)
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I really am not a fan of sweet potatoes. I do love cooked carrots though!

I do like them with lots of roast garlic and margarine- just boiled and mashed. And salt and pepper

Miso. I found that boiled and cubed, then sauteed in a strong miso broth till absorbed is really good. I like this with chopped greens and with some type of grain

I do not like them with added sweet, or things like cinnamon.

Last year I bought a bag of frozen sweet potato fries. I don't get the "fry" thing, because they're just like baked. I also dislike that they're affiliated with white potatoes because they're so very different. Anyway, I ended up adding them to curries. That was very convienent, and I think curry is probably my favorite spice for them.

So what do you like?
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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