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Hey my animal loving friends...........

I would like to applaud the efforts of an animal rescue

group located in the eastern Mojave desert of California,

known as Wild Burro Rescue, for their efforts in saving

hundreds of animals lives. They save donkeys from being

shot by the Bureau of Land Management's eradcation

by having negotiated a live capture program.

View their website at:

Wild Burro here

Wild Burro Rescue is dependant on

donations to continue to save more burros. If you can

not send a donation and wish to help, please send a few

candles as they have no electricity.

Every candle will be a point of light from each of us

Wild Burro Rescue

P.O. Box 10

Olancha, CA 93549

Thanks for listening!

Questions? Toto here!


"We are all from the waters of creation and the tide is rising."

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